Coulomb Excitation of Proton-rich N = 80 Isotones at HIE-ISOLDE

Ralph Kern, Radostina Zidarova, Norbert Pietralla, Georgi Rainovski, Liam P. Gaffney, Andrey Blazhev, Amar Boukhari, Joakim Cederkäll, James G. Cubiss, Martin Djongolov, Christoph Fransen, Kalin Gladnishki (+26 others)
2020 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
A projectile Coulomb-excitation experiment was performed at the radioactive ion beam facility HIE-ISOLDE at CERN. The radioactive 140 Nd and 142 Sm ions were post accelerated to the energy of 4.62 MeV/A and impinged on a 1.45 mg/cm 2 -thin 208 Pb target. The γ rays depopulating the Coulomb-excited states were recorded by the HPGe-array MINIBALL. The scattered charged particles were detected by a double-sided silicon strip detector in forward direction. Experimental γ-ray intensities were used
more » ... nsities were used for the determination of electromagnetic transition matrix elements. Preliminary results for the reduced transition strength of the B(M 1; 2 + 3 → 2 + 1 ) = 0.35(19) µ 2 N of 140 Nd and a first estimation for 142 Sm have been deduced using the Coulomb-excitation calculation software GOSIA. The 2 + 3 states of 140 Nd and 142 Sm show indications of being the main fragment of the proton-neutron mixed-symmetry 2 + 1,ms state.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1555/1/012027 fatcat:3duknkfmpbcktbue2czufv7kmu