Study of the general plasma characteristics of a high power multifilament ion source [report]

K.F. Schoenberg
1979 unpublished
f ; isniww« •!•-T'i'o i^r.-urvy t; TjttivyrOT 2 C. The resonant fluctuation frequency Is set by the periodic multi filament structure in the source plasma chamber, indicating an interaction between the filaments (operated in the space charge limited mode) and the Ion Wives. D. Fluctuation amplitude levels are insufficient to cause significant plasma ion heating. The multlfilament source is presently the heart of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Neutral Beam program, slated to provide neutral
more » ... provide neutral beam heating for several major U. S. Department of Energy fusion experiments, A brief discussion coupling the measured source plasma parameters with overall neutral beam performance is included.
doi:10.2172/5934837 fatcat:7sz6mtreovhdphrea7iqalvwnq