GEOProcessing 2016 Committee GEOProcessing Advisory Committee

Monica De Martino, Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche -Genova, Claus-Peter Rückemann, Monica De Martino, Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche -Genova, Claus-Peter Rückemann, Zaher Al Aghbari, Mirko Albani, Riccardo Albertoni, Imati-Cnr, Italy Francesc, Antón Castro (+69 others)
2016 unpublished
in Venice, Italy, continued a series of international events addressing fundamentals of advances in geographic information systems and the new applications related to them using Web Services. Such systems can be used for assessment, modeling and prognosis of emergencies. As an example, they can be used as assessment of accidents from chemical pollution by considering hazardous chemical zones dimensions represented on a computer map of the region's territory. Geographical sensors and satellites
more » ... rovide a huge volume of spatial data which is available on the Web. Making use of Web Services, the users are able for provisioning and using these services instead of only for document searching. These services are published in a directory and may be automatically discovered in a given context by software agents. Accessing large digital geographical libraries with geo-spatial information raises some challenges with respect to data semantics, interfaces, data accuracy and updates, distributed processing, as well as with discovery, indexing and integration of geographical information systems; this raise the issue of distributed catalogs forming a federation of spatial databases. Some spatial data infrastructures use service-oriented architecture for accessing these large databases via Web Services. The event was very competitive in its selection process and very well perceived by the international scientific and industrial communities. As such, it has attracted excellent contributions and active participation from all over the world. We were very pleased to receive a large amount of top quality contributions. The conference had the following tracks:  Geo-modeling  Geo-spatial domain applications  Specific geo-data processing  Managing geo-spatial data  GIS  Geo-spatial Web Services  Earth Geo-observation  Geo-spatial fundamentals We take here the opportunity to warmly thank all the members of the GEOProcessing 2016 technical program committee, as well as the numerous reviewers. The creation of such a high quality conference program would not have been possible without their involvement. We also kindly thank all the authors that dedicated much of their time and effort to contribute to GEOProcessing 2016. We truly believe that, thanks to all these efforts, the final conference program consisted of top quality contributions. Also, this event could not have been a reality without the support of many individuals, organizations and sponsors. We also gratefully thank the members of the GEOProcessing 2016 organizing committee for their help in handling the logistics and for their work that made this professional meeting a success. We hope GEOProcessing 2016 was a successful international forum for the exchange of ideas and results between academia and industry and to promote further progress in the field of geographic information systems, applications, and services. We also hope that Venice, Italy, provided a pleasant environment during the conference and everyone saved some time to enjoy the unique charm of the city. GEOProcessing Advisory Committee