Assessment of Cost and Extent of Delays in Public Sector Construction Projects in Aseer Region, KSA

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
The time performance of projects i.e. delay of construction projects is considered as one of the alarming problems around the world that has passive effect on the society development as well as on the country economy. The time performance of construction projects varies with country, region, project type and the perspectives of various stakeholders. The purpose of the paper is to know the extent of delay in the government sector projects in Aseer region, KSA and identifying whether the delay
more » ... hether the delay extent is natural or large compared to other areas. A total number of 228 public sector construction projects awarded in one decade have considered for the study purpose. The methodology for the project delays studies is as follows, collection of projects information from the main sources, classifying them according to the project size limits, analyzing the available data, knowing the delay size in every sector and comparing the delays of the different projects to identify the most delayed projects as well as those completed on time. Analysis of delays shows that the majority of construction projects in the Aseer region have exceeded their time and the most significant delay among government sectors was the Directorate-General for Health Affairs. The extent of delay in construction project decreases with the progress of country.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.d8131.118419 fatcat:da7tp7npvzh2lf2pn35i76wwhi