Analysis of the planar boundary layer of ionized gas adjacent to porous contour

S. Savic, B. Obrovic, I.A. Soloviev, V. Nikolic
2014 Scientific Publications of the State University of Novi Pazar Series A Applied Mathematics Informatics and mechanics  
Planar ionized gas (air) flow in the boundary layer under the conditions of the socalled equilibrium ionization is studied in this paper. The contour of the body within the fluid is porous. The ionized gas flows through the magnetic field of the power B m = B m (x)İt is assumed that the ionized gas electro-conductivity is a function of the ratio of the longitudinal velocity and the velocity at the outer edge of the boundary layer. Using the general similarity method, the governing boundary
more » ... rning boundary layer equations are brought to a generalized form, and as such solved numerically. Some conclusions concerning behavior of the boundary layer physical quantities and characteristics of compressible fluid flow have been drawn.
doi:10.5937/spsunp1401011s fatcat:owsnfxbt55hixnvwuydcq5jyu4