SUAVE: An Open-Source Environment for Conceptual Vehicle Design and Optimization

Emilio M. Botero, Andrew Wendorff, Timothy MacDonald, Anil Variyar, Julius M. Vegh, Trent W. Lukaczyk, Juan J. Alonso, Tarik H. Orra, Carlos Ilario da Silva
2016 54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting   unpublished
SUAVE, a conceptual level aircraft design environment, incorporates multiple information sources to analyze unconventional configurations. Developing the capability to produce credible conceptual level design conclusions for futuristic aircraft with advanced technologies is a primary directive. This work builds upon previous work where SUAVE analyzed aircraft to show how SUAVE may be integrated into external packages to optimize aerospace vehicles. In the context of optimization, SUAVE operates
more » ... as a "black-box" function with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. Several convenient functions are provided to enable connecting the optimization packages to SUAVE more easily. Assuming an optimization algorithm is minimizing an objective subject to constraints by iteratively modifying input variables, SUAVE's code structure is general enough to be driven from a variety of optimization packages. To this point, connections to PyOpt and SciPy have been integrated into SUAVE. We present results for a multi-mission regional aircraft, a family of UAVs and a tradeoff between noise and fuel burn on a large single-aisle aircraft. These designs show the immense amount of flexibility and diversity that SUAVE can handle. This includes various levels of fidelity. While SUAVE is setup from the beginning to handle multi-fidelity analysis, further study is necessary to integrate multiple fidelity levels into a single vehicle optimization.
doi:10.2514/6.2016-1275 fatcat:qhdubkekxjeyzhwrc2wg6ugjue