Starvation induces FoxO-dependent mitotic-to-endocycle switch pausing during Drosophila oogenesis

P. Jouandin, C. Ghiglione, S. Noselli
2014 Development  
To cite this version: Patrick Jouandin, Christian Ghiglione, Stéphane Noselli. Starvation induces FoxO-dependent mitoticto-endocycle switch pausing during Drosophila oogenesis.ABSTRACT When exposed to nutrient challenge, organisms have to adapt their physiology in order to balance reproduction with adult fitness. In mammals, ovarian follicles enter a massive growth phase during which they become highly dependent on gonadotrophic factors and nutrients. Somatic tissues play a crucial role in
more » ... rucial role in integrating these signals, controlling ovarian follicle atresia and eventually leading to the selection of a single follicle for ovulation. We used Drosophila follicles as a model to study the effect of starvation on follicle maturation. Upon starvation, Drosophila vitellogenic follicles adopt an 'atresia-like' behavior, in which some slow down their development whereas others enter degeneration. The mitotic-to-endocycle (M/E) transition is a critical step during Drosophila oogenesis, allowing the entry of egg chambers into vitellogenesis. Here, we describe a specific and transient phase during M/E switching that is paused upon starvation. The Insulin pathway induces the pausing of the M/E switch, blocking the entry of egg chambers into vitellogenesis. Pausing of the M/E switch involves a previously unknown crosstalk between FoxO, Cut and Notch that ensures full reversion of the process and rapid resumption of oogenesis upon refeeding. Our work reveals a novel genetic mechanism controlling the extent of the M/E switch upon starvation, thus integrating metabolic cues with development, growth and reproduction. DEVELOPMENT Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) for reagents; the iBV PRISM imaging facility for advice and support; the anonymous reviewers for their suggestions; and members of the laboratory and P. Leópold for discussion and comments.
doi:10.1242/dev.108399 pmid:24993942 fatcat:u2fqq22usveqfi2y25ijc7fogy