Summer/Fall 2022

2022 The Journal of Values Based Leadership  
The Journal of Values-Based Leadership (JVBL) is sponsored by Bonnie ('70) and Peter ('65, '70) Raquet and the Raquet Family Foundation. JVBL Mission Statement The mission of the JVBL is to promote ethical and moral leadership and behavior by serving as a forum for ideas and the sharing of "best practices." It serves as a resource for business and institutional leaders, educators, and students concerned about valuesbased leadership. The JVBL defines values-based leadership to include topics
more » ... lving ethics in leadership, moral considerations in business decision-making, stewardship of our natural environment, and spirituality as a source of motivation. The JVBL strives to publish articles that are intellectually rigorous yet of practical use to leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs. In this way, the JVBL serves as a high quality, international journal focused on converging the practical, theoretical, and applicable ideas and experiences of scholars and practitioners. The JVBL provides leaders with a tool of ongoing self-critique and development, teachers with a resource of pedagogical support in instructing valuesbased leadership to their students, and entrepreneurs with examples of conscientious decision-making to be emulated within their own business environs. Submission Guidelines for the JVBL The JVBL invites you to submit manuscripts for review and possible publication. The JVBL is dedicated to supporting people who seek to create more ethically-and sociallyresponsive organizations through leadership and education. The Journal publishes articles that provide knowledge that is intellectually well-developed and useful in practice. The JVBL is a peer-reviewed journal available in both electronic and print fora (fully digital with print-on-demand options). The readership includes business leaders, government representatives, academics, and students interested in the study and analysis of critical issues affecting the practice of values-based leadership. The JVBL is dedicated to publishing articles related to: 1. Leading with integrity, credibility, and morality; 2. Creating ethical, values-based organizations; 3. Balancing the concerns of stakeholders, consumers, labor and management, and the environment; and 4. Teaching students how to understand their personal core values and how such values impact organizational performance. In addition to articles that bridge theory and practice, the JVBL is interested in book reviews, case studies, personal experience articles, and pedagogical papers. If you have a manuscript idea that addresses facets of principled or values-based leadership, but you are uncertain as to its propriety to the mission of the JVBL, please contact its editor. While manuscript length is not a major consideration in electronic publication, we encourage contributions of less than 20 pages of double-spaced narrative. As the JVBL is in electronic format, we especially encourage the submission of manuscripts which utilize JOURNAL OF VALUES-BASED LEADERSHIP 7 LEADERSHIP visual text. Manuscripts will be acknowledged immediately upon receipt. All efforts will be made to complete the review process within 4-6 weeks. By submitting a paper for review for possible publication in the JVBL, the author(s) acknowledge that the work has not been offered to any other publication and additionally warrant that the work is original and does not infringe upon another's copyright. If the submitted work is accepted for publication and copyright infringement and/or plagiarism is successfully alleged with respect to that particular work, the submitting author agrees to hold the JVBL harmless and indemnified against any resulting claims associated therewith and further commits to undertaking all appropriate corrective actions necessary to remedy this substantiated claim(s) of infringement/ plagiarism. All submissions, including appendices, should be transmitted in either .docx or .doc formats directly through the "submit article" portal (preferred) on the journal's home page - -or alternatively as an email attachment to The submitting author shall provide contact information and indicate whether there are co-authors to be listed (specifying which one will be the primary contact).
doi:10.22543/1948-0733.1426 fatcat:kppfvsdg6raeddnkybuf2m7i6e