Single machine batch scheduling with release times

Beat Gfeller, Leon Peeters, Birgitta Weber, Peter Widmayer
2007 Journal of combinatorial optimization  
We consider the single-familiy scheduling problem with batching on a single machine, with a setup time and release times, under batch availability. We investigate the objective of minimizing the total flow time, in both the online and offline setting. For the online problem, we propose a 2-competitive algorithm for the case of identical processing times, and we prove a lower bound that comes close. With different processing times and job reordering, our lower bound shows that online algorithms
more » ... re inevitably bad in the worst case. The offline problem is in P if jobs have to be processed in release order, and becomes NP-hard if reordering is allowed.
doi:10.1007/s10878-007-9114-0 fatcat:qynv7mdwjnfkzjn3h6bv6ugboa