Conceptual approaches of statistical methodology are considered in research of intercommunications of the economic phenomena and processes. The necessity of application of statistical methods is grounded for deep research of causal-investigation connections from positions of approach of the systems of their use: methods, statistical indexes, estimations of reliability. An attempt to unite the empiric aspect of research work with scientific methodology is done, coming from conceptual positions
more » ... ceptual positions of statistical science. Raising of problem. Considering the research methodology as a science of techniques during the last system we understand learning methods essence of phenomena and processes. Based on the classic definition of concept "method" (method of theoretical research and practical implementation of anything), in the research we took into account two of its aspects: formal logic and content-genetic. It is understood, that the methods and receptions of leadthrough of research are carried out in indissoluble connection with theoretical generalizations of using a system of laws, categories and principles of dialectics of development of the probed processes and phenomena (in this case-economic). Under a concept «methodology» are understood the aggregate of cognitive principles of research, methods and methods of his organization, which are used in any science [7]. The educational literature in Theoretical and Applied Statistics does not contain enough material on statistical methodology, and their fragmentary exposition does not always provide issues under objects of the research, in particular the economic phenomena. The feature of the study of the last is that the research should not be limited to empirical analysis. The last shows by itself the initial stage of science and with development of scientific cognition, such analysis yields the methodology and theory, that give an opportunity to study the complex mechanism interdependence of phenomena and processes [5]. Proceeding from the foregoing, we have attempted to combine the empirical aspect of scientific research methodology leaning on the conceptual science on statistical methods, conceptual positions of statistical science in relation to methods, statistical indexes and estimations of reliability of the informative field (accumulation, presentation, analysis, interpretation). One of lacks of the organization of this research work in industry of economy it follows to name the presence of methodological errors in its realization, as a result of what we have the followings failings: a number of factors of the causal models of the economic phenomena and processes is unexposed; the applied aspect of research of this problem remain impoverished; practical conclusions are limited to the analysis (sometimes only by comparison) of levels or their correlations. In researches of the applied aspect, it is quite often possible to