Characterization of crack self-healing of silicon carbide by hot press sintering
열간가압소결법으로 제조한 탄화규소의 균열자기치유 특성

Seong-Hoon Kim, Kyung-Hun Kim, Hwan-Soo Dow, Joo-Seok Park, Kyung-Ja Kim, Kwang-Bo Shim
2016 Journal of the Korean Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology  
In this study, it was investigated that characteristic of crack-self-healing of hot-pressed SiC. SiC ceramics was sintered with Al 2 O 3 and Y 2 O 3 sintering additive by hot press. Sintering was performed in hot-press furnace in flowing argon (Ar), holding for 3 hr under 1950 o C and 50 MPa. The sintered SiC was machined into 3-point bending strength specimen of 3 × 4 × 40 mm, and introduced pre-crack by Vickers indentation at 49.6 N. Specimens were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD),
more » ... electron microscopy (SEM), 3-point bending strength after heat treatment at 1200~1400 o C for 1~10 hr. The best crack-self-healing ability was achieved 770 MPa 3-point bending strength by heat treatment at 1300 o C for 5 hr.
doi:10.6111/jkcgct.2016.26.2.062 fatcat:35vzyx3gnrfthdiiwjtcnk7cxi