Penta-Band Dielectric Loaded Folded Loop Antenna for Mobile Handset

Mustafa Abu Nasr
2014 IOSR Journal of Engineering  
A compact internal penta-band folded loop antenna for LTE1600/2600/WIMAX3.5/WLAN2.4/5.2 multiple mobile operations is proposed and investigated. The whole antenna structure is formed of a single folded meander loop pattern mount on the surfaces of a dielectric carrier with L-shape have a volume of 20 mm×17mm×5 mm, and ground plane of length 110mm is used. The size of the total structure is 110 × 50 × 5mm 3 . The compact structure makes it very suitable for today's mobile phones applications.
more » ... h 6 dB return loss, five operating frequency bands covering LTE/WLAN/WiMAX MHz can be achieved with our design. Also, the resonant characteristics of the antenna can be tuned by using various strip dimensions and also the dielectric material of the carrier. Moreover, simulated results exhibit that the proposed folded loop antenna features nearly good omnidirectional radiation patterns with proper gain. The design and optimizing of the performance of the proposed antenna are performed by using a high frequency structure simulator HFSS. Details of the various antenna parameters are presented and discussed in this paper. I.
doi:10.9790/3021-04561016 fatcat:7b5acbqskneifoue2szsytk66e