The Cross-Linguistic Influences of Third Language Acquisition in Refusal Speech Act

Zijie Shu, Yi Bao
2022 Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research   unpublished
During the process of language acquisition, the cultural environment has an impact on the learning process. People who use multiple languages will also have different usage habits when they use different languages. For students, learning a new language in a multilingual environment will also let them have a certain impact on language learning. Therefore, the main purpose of this project is to study the influence of the second language and mother tongue on the learning process when the second
more » ... guage is used to learn the third language. This paper will use interviews to collect data, in which the interview will set up scenarios for participants to respond. Respondents' language usage habits due to multiple language environments can be reflected in these answers. These answers will be used as data to be analyzed. We hypothesize that Chinese people tend to use indirect rejection strategies rather than direct rejection strategies. Also, Chinese people tend to use rationality, choice statements, and regret strategies. And after completing the experiment, the conclusion drawn is consistent with the original hypothesis.
doi:10.2991/aebmr.k.220405.204 fatcat:7pzp7lrwgrf3pj5hcgz7uk7oja