Scenarios for active learning in smart territories

Fabrizia Moggio, Andrea Camusi, Antonello Tancredi, Fabrizio Cicola, Andrea Iosue, Carlo Giovannella, Vincenzo Baraniello, Simone Carcone, Silvio Coco
2013 Interaction Design and Architecture(s)  
This work is intended to foster a "quantum leap" in the reflection on learning in smart cities/territories. We try to move from a vision according to which education is identified with "infrastructures and services" needed to sustain the smart city "organism" (due also to the social capital that it may produce) toward a "new" vision that recovers the founding role of the educative processes, through which the relationships between persons and inhabited territories are continuously reshaped.
more » ... rding to that we present: a) a strategic and methodological approach focused on museal field and narrative as key elements of future "learning from smart cities"; b) a model of an advanced integrated technological environment (mobile, web, internet of things) designed to support such an approach. The need for a different approach to the monitoring of complex learning experiences is also underlined.
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