Economics of Utilizing Biodigested Beef Feedlot Manure to Manage Nutrient Application to Cropland

Elwin Smith, Xiying Hao, Jim Miller
2014 International Journal of Renewable Energy and Biofuels  
The potential impact of integrating a biodigester into a beef feedlot on the use, application and cost of applying manure products on cropland was estimated. Manure application to cropland was modeled as a non-linear programming problem to include raw or digested manure, and standards limiting nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). When evaluating the manure and cropping system, using digested manure lowered net returns when there was no market for selling separated solids. The cost of using digested
more » ... t of using digested manure on cropland was higher with nutrient standards, especially P, and with higher costs for inorganic fertilizer. Selling separated solids increased the net return from using digested manure. Extraction of nutrients from the liquid or less costly methods of applying liquid to crops would increase the profitability of utilizing digested manure products.
doi:10.5171/2014.371507 fatcat:4nsamnu2drhdzn2zlp6k7kseqi