Non-invasive study of human brain function and psychophysiology

1997 Japanese Journal of Physiological Psychology and Psychophysiology  
Several new non-invasive methods to measure brain functions, especially human functional brain imaging, were developed or put to practical use in recent years; fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), MEG (Magnetoencephalography), TRMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation), and NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy). The principles, advantages and disadvantages, and examples of these new methods are surveyed in this review. Taking account of the development of these methods, the present situation
more » ... of psychophysiology in Japan is criticized, and the direction that future psychophysiological research should be headed in, is proposed. In particular, the importance of combining several methods to disclose human brain functions is pointed out, and ways to remedy the criticized situation are proposed.
doi:10.5674/jjppp1983.15.11 fatcat:muu6vq4vffbghav2ovnl4ojpzy