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1891 Library  
A most valuable bookseller's catalogue of 7,101 entries. The first part consists of works on the general history of Italy, the second of works relating to the various places or provinces. The titles are brief, but accurate. Xlbrarp Hssodatton TRecort). The members of the Library Association will receive with this number three important publications : 1. The Report of the Committee appointed to consider the Association's Examination Scheme. 2. Report on Library Appliances prepared, by request of
more » ... the Council, by Mr. J. D. Brown. These reports with others, which we hope will be ready in time, will be discussed at Nottingham. THE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION YKAR-BOOK.-This publication con- tains all the official papers of the Association, alongwitn other information likely to be useful to members and the public The credit of the idea is due to Mr. E. C. Thomas, whose prolonged illness we deeply deplore. At the Glasgow meeting Mr. Thomas circulated some proof copies under the title of the 'L.A.U.K. Handbook.' The first issue of such a compilation must contain many errors, and correctness can only be attained by the co-operation of members. We trust this will not be wanting. CorresponOcnce. RATING OF LIBRARIES. SIR,-At a meeting of the commissioners of these libraries held on the 20th instant, I was directed to call the attention of other similar bodies to the promise made by Lord Cranbrook, on behalf of the Government, upon the second reading of the Free Education Bill in the House of Lords on the 16th instant, to bring in a bill next year to exempt elementary school buildings from rating. Public libraries are to a great extent " continuation schools," and likely to become still more necessary and useful in that direction in the future than they have been in the past; and public libraries are also greatly hampered for funds, owing to the strict limitation of the rates for their support. The commissioners of these libraries suggest that common action be taken to bring to the notice of the Government the claims of library buildings to exemption from the payment of rates and taxes, with a view to such buildings being brought within the scope of the proposed bill more particularly as libraries are either under the control of municipal bodies or of parochial authorities. It is of course of the highest importance that the adhesion of parliamentary representatives to this suggestion be obtained. I am, sir, Your obedient servant, HENRY E. POOLE, Secretary.
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