Influence of genetic variation in fungal endophyte in the third trophic level

J.L. Rodstrom, T. Bultman, J. Vandop, J. Librizzi, L. Longwell, T. Sullivan
2007 NZGA: Research and Practice Series  
Neotyphodium coenophialum (Ascomycota: Clavicipitaceae) is an endophytic fungus of grasses that produces alkaloids which can have detrimental effects on some insect herbivores, like fall armyworm caterpillars (Spodoptera frugiperda). Alkaloid production can be influenced by fungal genotype. We investigated if endophyte-produced alkaloids might also have effects at the next trophic level. We tested if variation in fungal isolate (three isolates: CS, AR502, AR542; plus a control lacking fungal
more » ... ection) affected the growth and survival of Euplectrus comstockii (Eulophidae) parasitoids of S. frugiperda. Euplectrus comstockii is an ectoparasitoid of caterpillars of many noctuid species. Parasitoid pupal mass was not influenced by fungal isolate (F3,241=0.61, P=0.61, and F3,190=0.74, P=0.53 for female and male pupae, respectively). In contrast, fungal isolate influenced parasitoid survival (X2=58.3, df=3, P
doi:10.33584/rps.13.2006.3153 fatcat:tpzwv5xxyzdhvbrtjqhfkinnua