Miscellaneous Inventions

1886 Scientific American  
A condenser has been patented by Mr. has been patented by Mr. Ernest A. E. Meyer, of Richard T. Isbester, of Chattanooga, Tenn. It consists Watertown, N. Y. It consists in building up within !1 of a nov.el construction and arrangement of connected suitable stationary rec�ptacle alternate layers of hot compartments and steam and water pipes, the steam I starch �nd the goods . to be starched, and then ddving pipes passing through fresh water pipes and compart-. or heating the starch mto the goods
more » ... tarch mto the goods by mecharucally ments in such way that ;the apparatus is verY compact, pounding the whole mass within the receptacle. and adapted for effectively abstracting the heat from A book holder has been patented by any fiuid or gas. Mr. Joseph H. Paradis, of Amherstburg, Ont., Canada. A coal and ore car has been patented It is a simple device for holding open books of different . by Mr. Lester J. Barr, of Ashland, Wis. It has a hop-sizes, with bent wires mounted to turn in a base,. bent per supported by a truss frame, with two sets of dump-tubes held on the upper ends of the wires, with two lng doors in the bottom, operated Jly rods extending covers, where' by the book will be balanced and the hold through cross bars at the top of the car, the cOl\struc-er "", ork easily. tion being such that the cars will carry a maximum A reclining chair has been patented by load, and no manual labor �ill be required in discharg-Messrs. John W. Boggs and Daniel M. McLaughlan, of Ing a car of its contents. Albina, Ore. It is so made that the inclination of the
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10021886-218b fatcat:h6emlpc3l5dsznittwhzjnumli