Monthly energy review, January 1998 [report]

1998 unpublished
The Monthly Energy Review (MER) presents an overview of the Energy Information Administration's recent monthly energy statistics. The statistics cover the major activities of U.S. production, consumption, trade, stocks, and prices for petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, and nuclear energy. Also included are international energy and thermal and metric conversion factors. Publication of this report is in keeping with responsibilities given to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) in
more » ... istration (EIA) in Public Law 95-91 (Department of Energy Organization Act), which states, in part, in Section 205(a)(2), that: ' 'The Administrator shall be responsible for carrying out a central, comprehensive, and unified energy data and information program which will collect, evaluate, assemble, analyze, and disseminate data and information . . . . I ' The MER is intended for use by Members of Congress, Federal and State agencies, energy analysts, and the general public. EL4 welcomes suggestions from readers regarding data series in the MER and in other EL4 publications.
doi:10.2172/565533 fatcat:22c4hwiyr5f3za3lfhvxo2tbyq