R.H. Brown, L.G. Cloud, S.J. Horn
1964 unpublished
I T h i s rapart war preparsd u an account of Oovernment a p o n d work. Neither the Uaited Stota, nor the Commission, nor any p e r m acting on behalf of the Commirrion: A. Maku any warranty or representation, uprear or implied, with respect to the accuracy, I oomploteans, or usefulness of the information contained in &I report, or that the use o f any information, apparatw, method, or procar disclwed h this report may not infringe privately owlled rights; or I B. humu any W i t i a with
more » ... t to the urn of, or for darnages resultin# hvln the urs of e~y infema~tion, sppvrattla, mrrhnsl, nr prffiena disclosed in thb report. As used in the above, "perm acting on behalf of the Cormnission" includea any employee or contractor of the Cornmiadon, or emplhec of such contractor, to the extent that such wnplayee or wntractor of the Commission, or employee of such wntractor prepares, disseminates, or provides accus to, any information putduant to his employtnant or contract with the Coxnmkim, or hir employment with such contractor.
doi:10.2172/4681009 fatcat:nihxa4pcyzekxgwmvv65vsmomm