Optimization of ultrasound assisted hypochlorite oxidation of corn starch by response surface methodology

W Chong, U Uthumporn, A Karim, G Yeap, L Cheng, L Cheng
Journal of Food Research and Technology   unpublished
The study on the influence of active chlorine content (0.25 g/25 g starch-0.75 g/25 g starch), amplitude of ultrasound (50% to 100%), sonication time (10 min to 30 min) and their interactive effects on the degree of oxidation of hypochlorite-oxidized corn starch was conducted and also the regression models to predict the degree of starch oxidation, carbonyl and carboxyl contents were developed by employing a three-level three factorial Box-Behnken design. It was found that active chlorine
more » ... tive chlorine content showed the greatest influence on degree of starch oxidation, followed by sonication time and amplitude of ultrasound. Verification of the proposed regression model was performed and the predicted values obtained from the model for both responses for samples prepared with different oxidation conditions showed a very good agreement with the measured values. This indicates that models proposed are capable of predicting degree of starch oxidation.