Discussion: "Aeration Apparatus Converts Bin From Funnel-Flow to Mass-Flow Characteristics" (Emery, R. B., 1973, ASME J. Eng. Ind., 95, pp. 37–41)

A. W. Jenike
1973 Journal of Engineering for Industry  
5) which include the interstitial pressure effect, AP and AP. The concept presented for flow improvement is one of modifying the pressure ratios acting on the particles. The summation of pressures acting on the particles and on the hopper wall increase by some increment. Those adverse pressure ratios acting on the individual particles to impede flow are reduced in the direction of unity. Careful design is a prerequisite to satisfactory aerator performance. As a matter of information, the
more » ... rmation, the apparatus described in Pig. 4 is patented.
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