Conceptual design of the field-reversed mirror reactor [report]

G.A. Carlson, W.C. Condit, R.S. Devoto, J.H. Fink, J.D. Hanson, W.S. Neef, A.C. Jr. Smith
1978 unpublished
We have completed a conceptual design study of the field-reversed mirror reactor. For this reactor a reference case conceptual design was developed in some detail. The parameters of the design result partly from somewhat arbitrary physics assumptions and partly from optimization procedures. Two of the assumptions-that only 10% of the alphaparticle energy is deposited in the plasma and that particle confinement scales with the ionion collison time-may prove to be overly conservative. A number of
more » ... vative. A number of possible start-up scenarios for the field-reversed plasmas were considered, but the choice of a specific start-up method for the conceptual design was deferred, pending experimental demonstration of one or more of the schemes in a mirror machine. Basic to our plasma model is the assumption that, once created, the plas<na can be stably maintained by injection of a neutral-beam current sufficient to balance the particle-loss rate. The reference design is a multicell con figuration with 11 field-reversed toroidal plasma layers arranged along the horizontal axis ofu long-superconducting solenoid. Each plasma layer requires the injection of 3.6 MW of 200-keV deuterium and tritium, and produces 20 MW of fusion power. The reactor has a net electric output of 74 MWe. The preliminary estimate for the direct capital cost of the reference design is $ 1200/kWe. A balance-of-plant study is now underway and will result in a more accurate cost estimate.
doi:10.2172/6676413 fatcat:e3roalp2l5gtnjfnmocfhsb2lu