S Diviiion, A Midden, Mike Brand, David Burley, Robbin Chatan, Scott Hamilton, Philip Hohler, Geordie Howe, Olga Klimko, John
1997 unpublished
The British Columbia Heritage Trust has prov ided fin ancial assistance to this project to support conservation of our heritage resources, gain further knowledge and increase pub! ic understanding of the complete history of British Columbia. FRONT COVER: The Jrawings by Remi Farvacque on the front cover and on page 4 show interpretive reconstructions of Fort McLoughlin-Oid Bella Bella and illustrate the introductory article starting on page 2: "Archaeology and the British Columbia Fur Trade" by
more » ... David B urley and Philip Hohler. (Drawings courtesy of P. Hohler) Remi Aarvacque. a former SFU student. is nearing completion of an M.Sc. (Earth Sciences) at the U. of Waterloo. He was 1\rchacological Researcher at Parks Canada-Ontario 1995-I 997 ~md is now archaeologist and digital media technician with Terra Archaeological Laboratory. His areas of research interests include the Lake Superior basin. geoarchaeology, digital imaging and reconstruction of (Holocene) paleoenvironments. Dedicated to the protection of archaeological resources and the spread of archaeological knowledge. President Joyce Johnson (730-8468) Membership Caroline Milburn-Brown (987-8787) Annual membership includes I year's subscription to The Midden and the ASBC newsletter, SocNotes.