An extended SQL for temporal data management in clinical decision-support systems

A K Das, S W Tu, G P Purcell, M A Musen
1992 Proceedings. Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care  
We are developing a database implementation to support temporal data management for the T-HELPER physician workstation, an advice system for protocol-based care of patients who have HIV disease. To understand the requirements for the temporal database, we have analyzed the types of temporal predicates found in clinical-trial protocols. We extend the standard relational data model in three ways to support these querying requirements. First, we incorporate timestamps into the two-dimensional
more » ... ional table to store the temporal dimension of both instant- and interval-based data. Second, we develop a set of operations on timepoints and intervals to manipulate timestamped data. Third, we modify the relational query language SQL so that its underlying algebra supports the specified operations on timestamps in relational tables. We show that our temporal extension to SQL meets the temporal data-management needs of protocol-directed decision support.
pmid:1482853 pmcid:PMC2248091 fatcat:m5yfjb477radlidosi73tdv6u4