Characterizing the spatio-temporal role of sorting nexin 17 in human papillomavirus trafficking

Martina Bergant, Špela Peternel, David Pim, Justyna Broniarczyk, Lawrence Banks
2017 Journal of General Virology  
The human papillomavirus (HPV) L2 capsid protein plays an essential role during the early stages of viral infection. Previous studies have shown that the interaction between HPV L2 and endosomal sorting nexin 17 (SNX17) is conserved across multiple PV types where it plays an essential role in infectious entry, suggesting an evolutionarily conserved pathway of PV trafficking. Here we show that the peak time of interaction between HPV-16 L2 and SNX17 is rather early, at 2 h postinfection.
more » ... ingly, the L2-SNX17 interaction appears to be important for facilitating capsid disassembly and L1 dissociation, suggesting that L2 recruitment of SNX17 occurs prior to capsid disassembly. Furthermore, we also found evidence of L2-SNX17 association at the later stages of infectious entry, suggesting that the SNX17-mediated sorting machinery is either involved at different stages of HPV trafficking or that L2-SNX17 interaction is a long-lasting event in HPV trafficking.
doi:10.1099/jgv.0.000734 pmid:28475030 fatcat:w5jbhriuurgdxko2o26n6p3vai