Neutrosophic AHP Multi Criteria Decision Making Method Applied on the Selection of Learning Management System

Nouran Radwan, M Senousy, Alaa El, Din Riad
Learning management systems (LMSs) are used today to assist in the designing, delivery and management of learning resources for learners. There are hundreds of LMS available in the marketplace. Selecting the most suitable LMS that meets specific requirements is a problem of decision making. Many studies in learning management system selection are implemented under complete information, while in the real world many uncertainty aspects do exist. As these systems were described by decision makers
more » ... by decision makers with vague, imprecise, ambiguous and inconsistent terms, it is understandable that traditional multi criteria decision making methods may not be effective. This paper develops a novel hybrid neutrosophic analytic hierarchy process approach to support facing of uncertainty in the decision making process to handle indeterminacy of information. In order to show the application of the developed method, a numerical experiment for an LMS selection is made using the method of neutrosophic analytic hierarchy process. Results show that the neutrosophic logic is capable of representing uncertainty manner understandable by the human logic. Obtained results have shown that Moodle is the best LMS that meets defined criteria.