CASE REPORT *Corresponding Author: Large Lipoma of the Larynx: A Case Report

Amin Amali, Mohammad Taghi, Khorsandi Ashtiani, Nasrin Yazdani, Masoome Saeedi, Amin Amali
2010 Acta Medica Iranica   unpublished
Fewer than 15% of lipomas occur in the head and neck. Lipomas of the larynx are very rare benign laryngeal tumors (0.6%). To date less than 100 case of laryngeal lipoma have been reported in the literature.Clinical manifestation include progressive horseness, dyspnea, and even dysphagia. In the direct exam smooth or pedunculated mass is seen in the larynx and sometimes if tumor is large enough a mass palpated in the neck. In the computed tomography (CT) low attenuation mass is seen. Treatment
more » ... laryngeal lipoma consists of endoscopic removal or external surgical approach depending on tumor size. The authors present a case of laryngeal lipoma that involved the true vocal cord. The following is a report of a single case of laryngeal lipoma, Including esteroboscopy, radiologic and intraoperative finding as well as review of the literature.