Studies on development of process for preparation of sorghum flakes (Poha)

Kamble RE, More DR, Shaikh Ajaj, Shinde EM
2020 International Journal of Chemical Studies  
In present investigation entitled "Studies on Development of process for preparation of Sorghum Flakes (Poha)" sincere efforts were made to exploit the use of sorghum through development of sorghum flakes which could be further used for development of various snacks. High yielding variety Parbhani Moti which is generally grown in local area was selected for study. Physico-chemical properties of this variety were evaluated. As, Parbhani Moti was found Pearly white and the shape of Parbhani Moti
more » ... e of Parbhani Moti was round and bold hence it was a preferred variety for sorghum flakes preparation as flakes require bold grain. After studying the physiochemical properties of grains and effect of moisture content of grains on the physical and chemical properties of sorghum flakes it was concluded that from various samples C4 is the most preferred sample, it had 6.03% moisture content, 1.06% fat, 8.52% protein, 80.31% carbohydrate, 2.12% crude fibre and 1.26% ash content. The present investigation can be concluded with note that for preparation of flakes from sorghum grains promising results were obtained when conditioned grains with 35% moisture content were used.
doi:10.22271/chemi.2020.v8.i6ac.11062 fatcat:svsct6wi6zauppk65cosr4n6ee