Tailoring Exchange Interactions in Engineered Nanostructures: AnAb InitioStudy

O. O. Brovko, P. A. Ignatiev, V. S. Stepanyuk, P. Bruno
2008 Physical Review Letters  
We present a novel approach to spin manipulation in atomic-scale nanostructures. Our ab initio calculations clearly demonstrate that it is possible to tune magnetic properties of sub-nanometer structures by adjusting the geometry of the system. By the example of two surface-based systems we demonstrate that (i) the magnetic moment of a single adatom coupled to a buried magnetic Co layer can be stabilized in either a ferromagnetic or an antiferromagnetic configuration depending on the spacer
more » ... kness. It is found that a buried Co layer has a profound effect on the exchange interaction between two magnetic impurities on the surface. (ii) The exchange interaction between magnetic adatoms can be manipulated by introducing artificial nonmagnetic Cu chains to link them.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.101.036809 pmid:18764280 fatcat:kreafgvwabfuphu6zm5mw4sa2q