A Strategy Toolkit Aimed at Ensuring Safe Development of an Enterprise

Otenko Iryna P., Komarkov Dmytro V., Shkreben Roman P.
2018 Problemi Ekonomiki  
A strategy toolkit aimed at ensuring safe development of an enterprise is presented. The composition of the toolkit is represented by strategies, mechanisms (coordination, training, regulation, saving and protection ones), organizational methods, forms of strategic management of economic security, as well as methods for selecting and coordinating adaptive measures that meet enterprise targets. The classification of development strategies singles out passive and active strategies: strategies of
more » ... assive survival are those that take advantage of existing opportunities and are typical modes of operation for enterprises in a stable environment; strategies of active survival are those aimed at active search and effective use of market opportunities; strategies of active influence on the external environment, including measures aimed at active search for and creation of new opportunities for enterprise development through innovation, strategic competencies and knowledge. The carried out analysis of activities of machine-building enterprises of Kharkov region revealed the features of measures oriented towards ensuring their safe development. Among the passive measures the most typical are supporting liquidity and stability of financial status; ensuring reliability of technical and technological processes; observing the regime of economy in using financial and economic resources; renting premises, equipment; providing freight transportation services. Active measures include conducting market research; implementing new developments and assimilating new technologies; searching for strategic partners and developing new markets; using new organizational forms of cooperation and integration. For the purpose of revealing actual threats in the external environment of activities of the machine-building enterprises, an analysis of environmental factors is carried out and an evaluation methodology is developed with the involvement of 12 experts — top level managers of machine-building enterprises in Kharkiv region. Based on the res [...]
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