Gunjan Mishra, Mithi Shukla
2020 International Journal of Technical Research & Science  
Neuromarketing is an important development in the field of understanding about how the subconscious mind helps the consumer to take decisions. The field is gaining rapid credibility and adoption among advertising and marketing professionals, controversial to when it first emerged in 2002. Marketers work to attract the customer towards their product. For this, ground breaking research has been taken place to study the human brain. Consumer behaviour has been impacted creatively so that the
more » ... er gravitates towards the product. The concept of neuromarketing reflects the psychological perception of the customers"s relationship with the seller. Neuromarketing is a amalgamation of neuroscience and market research that aims to observe and understand the buyers physiological and psychological response to any stimuli like digital content. A multitude of techniques have been discovered for these researches, including Eye Tracking, EEG, fMRI, Galvanic skin Response, and Face Emotion Analysis. All these techniques are very useful for the companies to understand how a consumer will respond physically as well as psychologically to stimuli like the desired product. This paper analyses the studies of neuromarketing applied to consumer behaviour through literature reviews, finding how the research on this concept are evolved. This study concludes that major advances are being made in the marketing area, and that neuromarketing can really help in the understanding of cognitive processes of consumer and their influence on decisionmaking.
doi:10.30780/ijtrs.v05.i06.002 fatcat:cw3yxfczi5gmxakjn5xuvuvuyq