Saturation magnetostriction and its annealing behavior of Fe100−xBx and Co100−xBx amorphous alloys

K. Narita, J. Yamasaki, H. Fukunaga
1979 Journal of Applied Physics  
Boron content dependences of saturation magnetostriction ..1.. at r()Om temperature in ascquenched arid annealed FelllO_.B. (l5~x~25) and COlllO_.B. (19~x~24) amorphous aiJoys were measured. The value of ..1.. in Fe-B alloys peaks at x = 20, while ..1.. in Co-B alloys decreases with increasing boron content. For two series of alloys, nearly quadratic relations between magnetostriction and saturation magnetization u. were found. After I hour annealing at 250' C, both Aland u. in F~B and Co-B
more » ... in F~B and Co-B alloys increased. The increase in ..1.. of Fe-B alloys was within 8%, l1Ild was larger than that of Co-B alloys. For annealed Fe-B and Co-B alloys, quadratic relations were also observed, which suggesta that the increase m magnetostriction arises from the increase in magnetization.
doi:10.1063/1.326855 fatcat:tmreirf7jfh2zkbxitgvsp7lry