Optical properties of single ZnTe nanowires grown at low temperature

A. Artioli, P. Rueda-Fonseca, P. Stepanov, E. Bellet-Amalric, M. Den Hertog, C. Bougerol, Y. Genuist, F. Donatini, R. André, G. Nogues, K. Kheng, S. Tatarenko (+2 others)
2013 Applied Physics Letters  
Optically active gold-catalyzed ZnTe nanowires have been grown by molecular beam epitaxy, on a ZnTe(111) buffer layer, at low temperature 350\degree under Te rich conditions, and at ultra-low density (from 1 to 5 nanowires per micrometer^{2}. The crystalline structure is zinc blende as identified by transmission electron microscopy. All nanowires are tapered and the majority of them are <111> oriented. Low temperature micro-photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence experiments have been
more » ... s have been performed on single nanowires. We observe a narrow emission line with a blue-shift of 2 or 3 meV with respect to the exciton energy in bulk ZnTe. This shift is attributed to the strain induced by a 5 nm-thick oxide layer covering the nanowires, and this assumption is supported by a quantitative estimation of the strain in the nanowires.
doi:10.1063/1.4832055 fatcat:aziq4vw5ozbczl7hjryt5z2yza