Relationship Assessment on Amount of Irrigation Water & Productivity of Rice by Production Function
생산함수를 이용한 농업용수 관개량과 벼 생산성간 관계 평가

Seung-Oh Hur, Soonkun Choi, Sojin Yeop, Seong-Chang Hong, Dongho Choi
2019 Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture  
BACKGROUND: Production function gives the equation that shows the relationship between the quantities of productive factors used and the amount of product obtained, and can answer a variety of questions. This study was carried out to evaluate the relationship between irrigation water used for rice production and rice productivity by the production function which shows the mathematical relation between input and output. METHODS AND RESULTS: The statistical data on rice production and on the
more » ... t of irrigation water were used for the production function analysis. The analysis period was separated for 1966-1981 and 1982-2011, based on goal's change on agriculture from 'increasing food' to 'complex farming'. The relation between irrigation and yield considering production function is a short-term production function both before and after 1982. These results can be expressed by the sigmoid relation. When comparing the graphs of the two analyzed periods, there are differences in quantity between the maximum point and the minimum point during the same analysis period, which can be called an 'Irrigation Effect' by the difference of irrigation, and 'Technical Effect' by the difference by inputs like as fertilizers etc. CONCLUSION: The results could be useful as information for assessing the relationship between agricultural water and the productivity of rice and predicting rice productivity by irrigation water in Korea.
doi:10.5338/kjea.2019.38.3.23 fatcat:ki7rm3lwgjduno3fwjmzesoozy