217 Prediction Method of Impulse Response Based on Vibration Energy on Simple Structures
217 エネルギを変数とした衝撃応答予測手法に関する研究 : 簡易構造物での検討

Toru YAMAZAKI, Tatsuo KAWANO, Katsuhiko KURODA
2005 The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference  
This paper descr 孟 bes the performance of Transient Statistical Energy Analysis ( TSEA )for impulsive responses on the bearn structures . 皿 1e properties of response predicted by TSEA are discussed especially in the relation between 血e response and the loss factors . h Qrder to understanCl how to measure the subsystem energy transfer whieh can be compared with the
doi:10.1299/jsmedmc.2005._217-1_ fatcat:p234nmgigzcbrdnhu3y635yk5u