Design of Smith Predictor Based Fractional Controller for Higher Order Time Delay Process

P. R. Hemavathy, Y. Mohamed Shuaib, S. K. Lakshmanaprabu
2019 CMES - Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences  
Normally all real world process in a process industry will have time delay. For those processes with time delays, obtaining satisfactory closed loop performances becomes very difficult. In this work, three interacting cylindrical tank process is considered for study and the objective of the work is to compensate for time delays using smith predictor structure and to maintain the level in the third tank. Input/Output data is generated for the three interacting tank process. It is approximated as
more » ... Integer First Order Plus Dead Time system (IFOPDT) and Fractional First Order Plus Dead Time system (FFOPDT). Smith predictor based fractional order Proportional Integral controller and Integer order Proportional Integral controller is designed for the IFOPDT and FFOPDT model using frequency response technique and their closed loop performance indices are compared and tabulated. The servo and regulatory responses are simulated using Matlab/Simulink.
doi:10.32604/cmes.2019.04731 fatcat:acl4guskabbttipkauy6w5o2k4