Plants dealing with heavy metals: bioindication potential, physiological responses and stress assessment techniques

Mirko Salinitro
caerulescens), many gene comparisons have been made to better understand those involved in metal homeostasis and accumulation (Talke et al., 2006; van de Mortel et al., 2006). These candidate genes are mostly involved in metal transport, metal chelation and metal-induced oxidative stress response. Despite the overwhelming amount of studies, connections between metals and specific transporters seem hard to find (Fig. 8) . One of the reasons is probably the low specificity of some mechanisms
more » ... ome mechanisms involved in metal transportation and chelation, thus allowing some species to tolerate and accumulate several metals simultaneously (Van der Ent et al., 2017b). To make the situation furtherly complicated the mechanisms of metal uptake are also influenced by soil metal concentration. Morel (1997), described that at low cation concentrations (both HMs and nutrients) of the soil solution (<0.5 μM), active absorption predominates, whereas at higher concentrations (>0.1 mM) the absorption is dominated by passive (diffusion) processes.
doi:10.6092/unibo/amsdottorato/9175 fatcat:lfequrfliralvo7qdxnmcusc6a