Oral Carriage Rate of Candida Species in Diabetic Patients

Faris Abdul, Kareem Khazal, Mb Chb, Dm Cabm, Adnan Mahran, Huda Hadi, Al-Hasnawi Msc Al-
2006 Kindy Col Med J   unpublished
It is well known that oral carriage of Candida species increase in many situations, like obesity, debility, leukemia, viral infection, use of certain drugs in addition to diabetes mellitus. Objective: find the relation between diabetes and its control on oral carriage of Candida. Methods: Thirty four hundred oral swabs from diabetic patients 67% are females and 33% are males, 41.7% are type 1 diabetes and 58.3% are type 2.different culture media are used. Results: we found that 37.9% of
more » ... at 37.9% of diabetics had oral carriage, older age group had more but the