Effects of the Asphalt Penetration Grade and the Mineralogical Composition on the Asphalt-aggregate Bond

A. R. Pasandín, I. Pérez
2014 Petroleum science and technology  
This investigation analyses the loss of bonding between the asphalt binder and the aggregate particles produced by water in hot-mix asphalt pavements. Three asphalt penetration grades were used: B35/50, B50/70 and B160/220. Four different types of aggregates were chosen due to their different expected stripping performances: hornfels, feldspathic schist, gabbro and dolomitic calcite. To research the loss of adhesion, two laboratory test methods were compared: the rolling bottle method and the
more » ... iling water test. The results indicate that a higher asphalt-aggregate bond correlates to a lower asphalt penetration grade. To achieve significant asphalt-aggregate bond improvement, the difference between asphalt penetration grades must be noticeable.
doi:10.1080/10916466.2013.879175 fatcat:nkraocntwbakrafj6e5357gs7m