And God Speaks to Muhammad

Sylvia J. Hunt
2000 American Journal of Islam and Society  
The author of this book, a graduate in theology and philosophy, gives anunusual and interesting analysis of the conveying of God's message tohumankind and its final conveyor, the Prophet Muhammad. He focuses on theProphet as a person, and how, like previous prophets, he was chosen by God atan appropriate time. Readers are not taken chronologically through theProphet's life; instead, the author examines aspects of the conveying of God'sguidance and, in particular, the relationship between God
more » ... His messenger.Examples of situations in the Prophet's life are carefully compared with similarsituations in the lives of earlier prophets that are described in the Qur'an andIslamic traditions, as well as in the traditional writings of the Jews andChristians, such as the Old and New Testaments and the Torah. The result is arich combination of psychology, philosophy, history, and geography in sevenchapters, the first five of which begin with a quotation from the Qur'an, pro­viding the main theme of that chapter.Communication between God and Muhammad takes various forms, dependingon the circumstances: advice, warning, comfort, or explanation. The verb"speak" can be interpreted in different ways. As revelation, it is reserved forGod's chosen prophets. However, God also "speaks" to the general population ...
doi:10.35632/ajis.v17i1.2076 fatcat:xqawwfe66bcblnspboj2rgxiqy