Item 5 : RDM Workshop

Mareike Christina Harms Buss, Haakon Lund, Katrine Flindt Holmstrand, Katrine Düring Davidsen
2020 Zenodo  
The workshop focused on strengthening the library staff's competencies in Research Data Management (RDM) The aim was to motivate the library staff to take ownership of skills development opportunities within this area of Open Science. Library staff who attended this workshop can actively participate in a strengthened service of the researchers at their local institutions. To achieve this, the workshop introduced the research process based on the research project life cycle (RPLC) and gave
more » ... ctive to a Research Data Life Cycle. This included an introduction to the FAIR principles and Data Management Plans (DMP). The workshop had a practical approach to RDM and therefore introduced two cases from, respectively the humanities and science, as examples of working with DMP in various disciplines.The teaching method of the workshop consisted of a mix of lectures and hands-on activities. The workshop programme and learning objectives are in Danish, however the workshop material, presentations and further readings are in English. File 5.1 [in Danish]: Programme and learning objective Authors: Mareike C. H. Buss, Haakon Lund, Katrine Flindt Holmstrand File 5.2: What is Open Science and the library role Author: Katrine Flindt Holmstrand File 5.3: Research Data Life Cycle Author: Haakon Lund File 5.4: FAIR Principles Author: Mareike C.H. Buss File 5.5: Case from Humanities Author: Lene Offersgaard File 5.6: Case from Natural Sciences Author: Falco J. Hüser File 5.7: Inspiration to further reading/training Author: Mareike C.H. Buss, Katrine Flindt Holmstrand File 5.8: Workshop hand [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3872816 fatcat:5mnakq6qpjdbbkz6je5senorou