DeepScaffold: a comprehensive tool for scaffold-based de novo drug discovery using deep learning [article]

Yibo Li, Jianxing Hu, Yanxing Wang, Jielong Zhou, Liangren Zhang and Zhenming Liu
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The ultimate goal of drug design is to find novel compounds with desirable pharmacological properties. Designing molecules retaining particular scaffolds as the core structures of the molecules is one of the efficient ways to obtain potential drug candidates with desirable properties. We proposed a scaffold-based molecular generative model for scaffold-based drug discovery, which performs molecule generation based on a wide spectrum of scaffold definitions, including BM-scaffolds, cyclic
more » ... ns, as well as scaffolds with specifications on side-chain properties. The model can generalize the learned chemical rules of adding atoms and bonds to a given scaffold. Furthermore, the generated compounds were evaluated by molecular docking in DRD2 targets and the results demonstrated that this approach can be effectively applied to solve several drug design problems, including the generation of compounds containing a given scaffold and de novo drug design of potential drug candidates with specific docking scores. Finally, a command line interface is created.
arXiv:1908.07209v4 fatcat:vbp2yoo5pjhufi3i5t4sym23k4