The Nasoendoscopy Study of Velopharyngeal Closure Patterns in Normal Thai Volunteers

Sriwimon Manochiopinig, Apirag Chuangsuwanich, Sitthichoke Taweepraditpol
The purpose of this study is to assess patterns of velopharyngeal closure in normal Thai subject. Ten volunteers with normal speech and no history of cranio-maxillo-facial abnormality, injury or surgery were included in this study. Their velopharyngeal closures were reviewed by nasopharyngoscopy. Their articulation and resonation characteristics were also evaluated. The patterns of closure and related anatomy were studied. The results showed that all subjects achieved complete closure without a
more » ... e closure without a gap or nasal emission. Three patterns of velopharyngeal closure were found. A circular pattern was found in the majority of the subjects. More specifically, 6 subjects demonstrated circular closure patterns and 1 had a circular closure pattern with the Passavantûs ridge. The coronal pattern was found in the last 3 subjects. There was no correlation between patterns of closure and demographic data related to anatomy and resonation characteristics. In conclusion, 3 patterns of velopharyngeal closure were found and the circular type was the common. Further study was recommended with a larger group for gathering a database of Thai people.