Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction through Emphasizing on Customer Relationship Management, Brand Equity & Value Chain

2020 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
This study attempts to evaluate the determinants of the combination of tested models of brand equity, service value chain and customer relationship management particularly in selected banking services for enhancing the satisfaction of the customer. The conceptual framework of these individual tested models is developed to offer customer satisfaction and delightnes. The applied structure of these tested models is based upon the customer-based brand value, also known as brand resonance model
more » ... contains five determinants such as brand images, brand salience, brand performance, brand judgment and brand services, culture & leadership, hassle free documentation & internet / e-banking services. The customer relationship management models contain identification of perspective & potential customer acquisitions, Product/service value proposition, Product/service portfolio analysis & mutually beneficial CRM. The Correlations were conducted and strong positive correlation between brand equity & customer relation management is observed. It can be seen that CRM model has highly influenced the customer satisfaction in banking sector. The multiple regression results indicate that the brand equity model, CRM and Value Chain model do have a significant influence in the customer satisfaction.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.f8939.38620 fatcat:nuk4tjj7yvc6bgekmziitcw3my