Study of retention ability of different implant retained overdenture associated attachment systems

Dr Naeem Ahmed, MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon), Senior Resident, Department of Dentistry, Sardar Patel Medical College and Associated Hospital, Bikaner
2020 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
Overdenture supported implant attachment system is most commonly used in edentulous patients. Problem associated with implant success includes prosthetic problems, severely resorbed mandibular ridge etc. Present work is aimed to evaluate stability and retention capability of different implant retained overdenture. Materials and Methods: An overdenture was made on an edentulous mandibular model with heat cured polymethyl methacrylate resin. These ovser dentures were fabricated and shaped to
more » ... t three different attachment systems which divided into three group; Group I, Group II and Group III i.e. ball/o ring attachment, Hader bar and clip attachment and locator implant over denture attachment stud type respectively. These all attachments were checked for retention force both before as well as after thermocycling (AT) Results: Group I showed 52.12 and 49.10 mean retention force vale before thermocycling (BT) and after thermocycling (AT) respectively. Whereas BT and AT values of retention force for Group II (bar and clip attachment) was 79.10 and 70.67 respectively. These values for locator stud attachment i.e. Group III were 40.14 BT and 38.21 AT. The difference among BT and AT in all groups was significant (P< 0.01). Conclusion: As data observed, ball o ring and bar clip attachments were observed to be superior over locator stud attachment.
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v8i1.165 fatcat:ymg6svaed5ejpof5kvyazjdhs4