Management Intercultural nr. 22 Volumul XII

Paul Crişan
2010 unpublished
The ever increasing competition în most business sectors forces companies to identify new ways of increasing their competitiveness în order to handle the competitive challenges. This paper attempts to study the evolution of the relationship between entrepreneurship and co-opetitive strategies în the IT and automotive industries. We propose to study this relationship în the different phases of the company life cycles to solve the following dilemma: does entrepreneurship influence co-opetitive
more » ... ategies or are the co-opetitive strategies influencing the entrepreneurial expression? In order to find a scientific answer to this question, exploratory, descriptive and case study research methods have been employed în a coherent logic, so the dynamic links between entrepreneurship and co-opetitive strategies can be identified. Based on the findings, the paper solves the dilemma în an original way by correlating the entrepreneurial drive with co-opetitive based strategies on a timescale approach. Being aware of the inter-conditioning between the two strategic approaches creates the necessary framework for adopting superior performance solutions.