Global MHD Modeling of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere for the Whole Heliosphere Interval

Pete Riley, Jon A. Linker, Zoran Mikic
2009 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractWith the goal of understanding the three-dimensional structure of the solar corona and inner heliosphere during the "Whole Heliosphere Interval" (WHI), we have developed a global MHD solution for Carrington rotation (CR) 2068. Our model, which includes energy transport processes, such as coronal heating, conduction of heat parallel to the magnetic field, radiative losses, and the effects of Alfvén waves, is capable of producing significantly better estimates of the plasma temperature
more » ... density in the corona than have been possible in the past. With such a model, we can compute emission in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and X-ray wavelengths, as well as scattering in polarized white light. Additionally, from our heliospheric solutions, we can deduce magnetic field and plasma parameters along specific spacecraft trajectories. We have made detailed comparisons of both remote solar andin situobservations with the model results, allowing us to: (1) Connect these disparate sets of observations; (2) Infer the global structure of the inner heliosphere; and (3) Provide support for (or against) assumptions in the MHD model, such as the empirically-based coronal heating profiles.
doi:10.1017/s1743921310010367 fatcat:n4iib4mjbnf4zbchyikb7fntfi