Alan W. C. Menzies, Paul D. Potter
1912 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
A review of the literature on arsenic acid shows that, up to 191 I , there was no close agreement as to the formulas and properties of the hydrated forms of the pentoxide, except in the case of the so-called hemihydrate of the ortho acid. As the methods used in deducing accepted formulas, also, have not been entirely beyond criticism, it was thought desirable that an effort be made to establish the facts with certainty. Work in this direction has led to a closer study of the manner in which
more » ... manner in which rather small quantities of water are associated with arsenic pentoxide a t higher temperatures. To facilitate the quantitative determinations, a new method of titration of arsenic acid has been worked out. Earlier Work.--Balareff,2 in a recent article on this subject, gives a complete list, here reproduced, of the formulas for the solid hydrates of arsenic pentoxide that have been proposed.
doi:10.1021/ja02212a004 fatcat:wgtuofxnujgsvdjwdyd2c4e5my